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Jan Niermans


Jan Niermans was born in 1953 in the Netherlands. After high school, he graduated at the renowned Nyenrode Business School in the Netherlands with a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration. Hereafter he successfully completed studies at the universities of Rotterdam and Delft with a Master`s degree in Management.


Professional Career

Although graduates at large corporations usually went through a 1 to 2 year traineeship getting to know as many business units as possible, he preferred to start immediately in operative sales instead of following once again a learning phase.



This opportunity was offered to him by the Unilever Group, one of the world's leading food industry groups. After 2 years in phone sales of semi-finished food products in the Netherlands, he was transferred to Hamburg, where he negotiated futures and delivery contracts for raw materials with customers in several European countries as a trading agent.



In 1985, Jan Niermans joined the Bosch Group, where he got the offer to start in an exciting business: Consumer electronics at the group's subsidiary Blaupunkt in Hildesheim, Germany. The coordination of sales and marketing activities of several European sales branches was his interesting responsibility. And it became even more interesting when he was asked to move to Paris to manage the Blaupunkt marketing department for France. Three years later he was appointed as sales director of the Blaupunkt branch in Belgium.



Only one year later he got a very good opportunity to return to Germany, where he became director international sales of the new security systems division at the Bosch Group. From the division's headquarters in Munich, Jan Niermans was responsible for all activities abroad. This included the management of the branches in Europe as well as international customer acquisition and market entry into new countries, such as setting up new organizational structures in Eastern Europe. Also the inevitable reorganization of some international branches should be mentioned, always carried out in close collaboration with local management. In 2001, after 10 years in Munich, he decided to break new ground and to leave the Bosch Group.


Interim Marketing Consultant

At first he decided to become self-employed. As a marketing consultant and wholesaler, he set up the business of lighting advertising for the Dutch-Chinese company Bortly Neon in the German market. In the following years, his self-employed activity continued on a part-time basis, temporarily supported by an employee, until he concentrated fully on his meanwhile extended areas of responsibility at the international Thermaflex Group, from 2011 onwards.



Because in 2002, Jan Niermans got the offer to lead the German subsidiary of the Thermaflex Group (Building Technology) as a CEO. After extensive reorganizations with, among other things, a company relocation and the integration of a new company takeover, he multiplied sales in Germany within a few years. In 2011, he was additionally assigned to worldwide responsibilities. As a member of the board of the group, he became in charge of all international sales activities and he founded several new foreign branches. Most recently, since 2014, he had overall responsibility for the activities of the Thermaflex Group in Central Europe, with - besides the German company - branches in Austria, Italy and Romania and sales partners in another 8 countries.


Interim Manager and Business Consultant

End of 2016, after a successful and exciting time at Thermaflex, he decided to return to a self-employed status again. As an interim manager and business consultant, he now provides his knowledge and experience in time-limited mandates and projects. He is targeting German medium-sized companies with an international orientation as well as non-German companies, which focus on the German-speaking markets or even the entire European market.