Your Business in Europe

The Path to Success


Diversity & Synergies

The common market in Europe offers easy cross-border trade without legal national barriers. But cultural and other local market specificities remain.

Successful sales organizations are taking this diversity into account.

However, European company structures could often be more efficient than originally foreseen for such a diversified market.


Interim Management

A short-term implementation of an European sales organization? Why not engaging an interim manager with international experience?


You can also approach JAN NIERMANS for short-term bridging of vacancies in executive and sales management positions.


Consulting SERVICES

What operational activities should be carried out locally and what tasks can better be centralized in Europe? This depends on the country and on the nature of the business, but not only. In Europe many options are possible.


This is just an example of the consulting portfolio of JAN NIERMANS.



Professionally at home in Europe, many years at executive level of multinational company groups with excellent reputation. Track record as a CEO, as a member of the group management board and as an international sales director. On site operational experience in 5 European countries. Master’s degree in Management from a technical university.